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200 rutledge street March 9, 2008 08-35453 - Robbery - At 5:38 p.m., a 31-year-old man was pushed and threatened by two men armed with what the victim described as decorative swords, while in an apartment in the 200 block of Rutledge Street, Bedford. The suspects fled after taking an undisclosed amount of cash from the victim. The victim was not injured during the incident. The first suspect was described as a white man, approximately 21-years-old, with a white bandana covering his face and white socks covering his hands, and wearing a black ball hat and black puffy jacket. The second suspect was described as a black man, approximately 21-years-old, 5'7" tall, stocky build, with a black bandana covering his face and wearing a black toque and black puffy jacket.

Update - 11:10 p.m.
After an extensive investigation and with the help of Sackville RCMP officers, two suspects were located in Sackville and turned over to HRP officers. One weapon was recovered. Two 21-year-old men will appear in Court tomorrow to face charges of 'Robbery', 'Possession of a Weapon' and 'Breach of Court Orders.'

rutledge street May 29, 2007 07-76625
rutledge street August 20, 2000 32703 - Two female youths are facing charges after they were spotted breaking , to a second floor apartment on Rutledge Street , Bedford. Alert neighbours called police and the 14 and 15 year old girls were caught , the apartment.