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bedford highway & MEADOWBROOK Drive May 16, 2010 10-68126 - Motor Vehicle Accident - At approximately 12:40 a.m., near Meadowbrook Drive in Bedford. A vehicle was observed by police travelilng at a high rate of speed, when it left the road smashing into a fence and a deck near the 1200 block of the Bedford Highway. One adult male driver, was taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries and will be charged with dangerous driving.

MEADOWBROOK drive & bedford highway December 22, 2009 09-188537 - Motor Vehicle and Pedestrian Accident - At 5:50 p.m. police responded to a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of the Bedford Highway and Meadowbrook Drive. A 58-year- old women was struck by a vehicle while crossing Meadowbrook Drive in a crosswalk. She was taken to the hospital with what are believed to be non life threatening injuries. At this time no charges have been laid and the matter remains under investigation.

meadowbrook drive March 4, 2009 09-31921 - Drug Search - At 9:00 p.m. the Integrated Drug Unit executed a search warrant at an apartment on Meadowbrook Drive in Bedford. Seized were a small quantity of cocaine, pills, money and drug paraphernalia. Three men, ages 20, 24, 23-years-old, and two woman, ages 18 and 23-years-old, were taken into custody. All suspects were charged with trafficking and were released to appear in court at a future date.

meadowbrook dr May 5, 2002 17853 - Police patrol members responded to a domestic disturbance at 3:45 a.m on Meadowbrook Dr. Upon their arrival, the involved female was gone, but two men were involved , a fight. While dealing with the two men, patrol members located a Cannabis Marhiuana grow , the house. Members of the Drug Unit were called to investigate. They executed a search warrant and seized Cannabis Marihuana plants, grow equipment, documentation and other drug paraphenalia. The potential street value of the seized grow operation would be $72,800. Two men face charges.