April 17, 2008



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1 mann street April 17, 2008 08-54979 - Suspicious Materials - Two employees of the Halifax Water Commission at 1 Mann Street in Bedford discovered an unusual material randomly spread over the desks, chairs and computer equipment in their offices when they arrived at work this morning. The same thing had happened to the same two employees Monday morning. They cleaned the mess up themselves on that occasion. Today they decided to notify the authorities, and contacted 911. Where it was an unknown substance, the building was evacuated and the fire department's Hazardous Materials Team was dispatched, as well as a police Haz-Mat team. Both teams were at the scene for a good part of the day. The substance was analysed and determined to be a household product, not harmful to humans. This is not believed to be a random act. There was no sign of forced entry into the building. It is suspected the employees were targeted. It is considered a matter of criminal mischief and remains under investigation.