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ASHBURN avenue & bayers road June 13, 2006 06-72195 Attempted Robbery and Assault At approximately 3 p.m. two women had entered their vehicle , a church parking lot located at Ashburn Avenue and Bayers Road when they were approached by a male who demanded the driver's car keys. When the driver refused, the suspect punched her. The victims were able to drive to a nearby fire station on Bayers Road but the suspect followed them. At this time, the suspect demanded the driver's purse and subsequently assaulted her when she refused. When her friend came to her aid, the suspect also assaulted her. A passing bus driver stopped and assisted the victims, at which point he was also assaulted. With the help of several other passersby, the bus driver was able to hold the suspect until police arrived and took him into custody. A 50-year-old man will appear , court tomorrow to face assault, threats and attempted robbery charges. The victims were not seriously injured.

ASHBURN ave & mumford rd November 6, 2002 02-45577 Injury Motor Vehicle Accident- At approx. 12:15 p.m. a 13 year old female was running on the sidewalk , the area of Mumford Rd and Ashburn Ave when she began to run accross the road. The driver of the vehicle did not have time to react and hit the young girl as she entered the road. She was transported to the IWK and treated for minor injuries and will be released.